only I want from 3-4 sentences for each question. it is very necessary to write link of the source and I will finish the APA resources by own self.the answers must be in computer forms.thanks

THE NAME OF THE BOOK IS Mary Larkin-Social aspects of health, illness and healthcare-McGraw-Hill_Open University Press (2011) you can find the book here on this link https://ufile.io/2zb61

Dying, death and grieving chapter 9

o To what extent do you think society shapes our attitude towards dying, death, and bereavement?

Family, communities, and healthcare chapter10

How do you think postmodernism would theoretically explain ‘the family’?

Healthcare origination chapter 11

Which theory do you think provides the most compelling interpretation of healthcare organizations and why?

Health profession, chapter12

o What are the positive and negative consequences of the decline in medical autonomy?

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