Animal Physiology-

1. Our case study included a variety of reflexes, some of which were autonomic reflexes. This means that motoroutput occurred at the level of cardiac muscle, smooth muscle, or secretory epithelial cells. Autonomic reflexescan be categorized according to the location where motor information exits the CNS. Consequently, thepupillary light reflex is a: (a) parasympathetic reflex (b) sympathetic reflex

11. Each retina contains a layer of ganglion cells. Axons from these neurons project into two regions on eachside of the body midline. Axons that enable vision project into the: (a) mibrain (b) thalamus (c) sensory cortex

13. Where does central integration occur for reflex turning of the head and the pupillary light reflex? (a) sensory cortex (b) midbrain (c) brainstem

16. Is every reflex associated with the head an autonomic reflex? yes or no

17. Is reflex turning of the head an autonomic reflex? yes or no

20. Sympathetic motor output exits the CNS only at the level of the: (a) brainstem and pelvic cord (b) thoracolumbar spinal cord (c) brainstem and cervical spinal cord

22. How many types of motor nuclei are found within the cord? (a) two, i.e. motor and autonomic (b) three, i.e. motor, sympathetic, and parasympathetic

23. How many motor nuclei are found at the level of the thoracolumbar cord? (a) four (b) two

31. Neurons within the intermediolateral nuclei are innervated by axons that project through the bulbospinalfiber tracts. These tracts originate within the: (a) motor cortex (b) midbrain (c) brainstem

33. Are the left and right paravertebral ganglion chains found along the length of the spinal cord? yes or no

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