Animal Physiology-

25. Where are Clarke's columns found within the cord?(a) cervical (b) thoracolumbar (c) pelvic

26. Do Clarke's columns contain motor neurons? yes or no

27. All autonomic pre-ganglionic neurons are: (a) adrenergic (b) cholinergic (c) glutamatergic

28. All parasympathetic post-ganglionic neurons are: (a) adrenergic (b) cholinergic (c) glutamatergic

29. The post-ganglionic motor neurons found in the paravertebral ganglion chains are: (a) adrenergic (b) cholinergic (c) glutamatergic

42. Neurosecretion from adrenergic autonomic motor neurons can induce different outcomes in differentlocations. This phenomenon can be explained in terms of the type of adrenergic receptor found on vascularsmooth muscle cells and the 2nd messenger pathway operative within. Which receptor enablesvasoconstriction?(a) alpha-adrenergic receptor (b) beta-adrenergic receptor

44. Blood flow into skeletal muscle increased during the case study. Did blood flow to the CNS change duringthe case study? yes or no

45. Heartbeat frequency increased during the case study. Was this initiated by the limbic system? yes or no

54. Blood flow through skeletal muscle increased during the case study. This was due to vasodilation ofarterioles, increased heartbeat frequency, and vasoconstriction of arterioles within the alimentary canal. Thesephenomena occurred in response to motor output from the CNS at the level of the: (a) cranial nerves (b) thoracolumbar cord (c) cranial nerves and thoracolumbar cord

55. Increased cardiac output depends upon two variables: stroke volume and heartbeat frequency. Increasedstroke volume results when the myocardium reacts to increased venous return. In contrast, heartbeatfrequency increases in response to increased sympathetic tone on pacemaker cells within the sinoatrial node. How does increased norepinephrine secretion affect pacemaker cells? (a) decreases the duration of the pacemaker potential (b) decreases the duration of the action potential (c) lowers threshold potential

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