Photosynthesis (Ch 8)

  • List the locations of the light reactions & the Calvincycle within the chloroplast and identify location on adiagram
  • Use the absorption spectrum of a pigment to identifywavelengths absorbed and reflected by that pigment
  • Describe the events of the light reactions including:
  • Excitation of electrons vs donation of electrons
  • Pathway of excited electrons through photosystem II, firstelectron transport chain, photosystem I and 2nd electrontransport chain
  • Sources of electrons in photosystems I and II
  • ATP production using energy from an electron transportchain
  • List the products of the light reactions
  • Explain the indirect role of light reactions vs direct role ofCalvin cycle reactions in sugar production
  • Describe Calvin cycle events
  • Carbon fixation
  • Regeneration of CO2 acceptor molecule (RuBP)
  • Explain the function of the Calvin cycle in plant cellularmetabolism
  • Compare & contrast electron transport and ATP synthesisbetween cellular respiration and photosynthesis

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