1. Which of the following is not true of rational drug design?

a) It involves analysis of drug and receptor structure

b) It is used to develop novel drugs for diseases in which aberrant receptors have been discovered

c) It aims to maximize drug-receptor affinity

d) It aims for low drug-receptor specificity

2. Which is not a way that cells can regulate drug-receptor interactions?

a) Down-regulation

b)Receptor mutation

c) Tachyphlaxis

d) Refractory periods

3. Which is not an example of a drug-receptor interaction?

a) Alteration of urine osmolarity by mannitol

b) Inhibition of kinase activity by imatinib


Interaction between warfarin and vitamin K epoxide

d) Blockade of sodium channels by tetrodotoxin


What is true regarding induced fit?


Drugs can alter the shape of their receptors

b) Induced fit allows for extracellular signals to have intracellular effects

c) Induced fit explains changes in the active site of enzymes following drug binding

d) All of the above

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29 Sep 2019
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