Question 1

Which of the following biological molecules is amphipathic and a major component of the cell wall?

Select one:

a. cholesterol

b. phospholipids

c. proteins

d. carbohydrates

Question 2

The cell wall of a bacteria is composed of …

Select one:

a. cellulose

b. chitin

c. peptidoglycan

d. all of the above

Question 3

All cells are surrounded by plasma membranes.

Select one:



Question 4

Which of the following biomes is characterized by warm climate with excessive of rainfall.

Select one:

a. tundra

b. tropical rain forest

c. estruary

d. chaparral

Question 5

Which statement about the taxonomic classification system is correct?

Select one:

a. There are more kingdoms than phyla.

b. Classes are the top category of classification.

c. Classes are divisions of orders.

d. Subspecies are the most specific category of classification.

e. all of the above

Question 6

For organisms that are facultative anaerobes, alcohol fermentation takes place only if:

Select one:

a. the atmosphere does not contain oxygen

b. the temperature is close to 37°C

c. sugar is provided to the cells

d. light is provided to the cells

Question 7

In which cellular organelle does aerobic respiration occur?

Select one:

a. nucleus.

b. lysosome.

c. chloroplast.

d. mitochondrion

e. none of the above

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