Suppose you are studying a species of primate. Female primates generally live in 5-km2 home ranges that overlap very little with neighboring home range territories. The primates can travel up to 5 km in one day and both males and females care for young. Which type of breeding system is most likely under these circumstances?

Select one:

a. Monogamy

b. Polyandry

c. Polygyny

d. Promiscuity


In a case where critical resources are distributed evenly in space and males provide about half of the total parental care, the mating system is most likely to be

Select one:

a. polyandry.

b. promiscuity.

c. polygyny.

d. monogamy.

Both questions form fomr the same concepts. I'm mostly confused with the promiscuity aspects such as the caring for the offspring.

I hope this can be sorted out somehow.

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Sixta Kovacek
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29 Sep 2019

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