In this Experiment we will learn how to identify the unknownbacterium according to the case study given as you start to performyour procedures and following the steps. Also, we will be learningthe outcome of a specific case scenario of immunity. We will beperforming different examples of media and observing the reactionafter inoculation and adding different reagents as it produce somechanging of color diagnose to a negative or positive results. Also,we will conduct different types of biochemical testing includingIndole production, Citrate Utilization, Methyl red test, andMannitol Fermentation.

In this case scenario we are trying to figure out theinfestation of food at the warehouse causing a death of theplaintiff mother. The plaintiff is accusing the warehouse forselling these infested products by insects. At the warehouseinspection is been done by swabbing and acquiring the type oforganism to be identified as evidence for the court finaldecision.

One of the major findings in this experiment is that itwas negative gram stains and the Indole and Methyl Red Test had apositive reaction. Additional testing was perform which show theresult of only negative on Lactose Fermentation and the remainingthree additional testing add up to a positive. The outcome of thisinvestigation scenario could be a negative result to the casescenario presented about infested products by insects since nounknown bacteria was left to bediagnosed.


The following steps are requiring completing this labexperimental. First make sure you open the Virtual UnknownSoftware. Complete conducting using Indole production and CitrateUtilization, Methyl Red test choosing from your media option. Alsomake sure you open the reference book for each procedure to beinformed of the lab steps and decision making such as positive ornegative and its color after inoculation.

Observations and Results

Result + or -

Appearance after Incubation

Gram Stain

- gram rods


Indole Production

+ positive

Yellowish-after incubation & adding Kovac’s reagent changingto a cherry red color indication of positive

Mannitol Fermentation

- neg


Methyl Red Test

+ pos

Turbid yellowish after incubation and adding methyl red reagentchange to red positive. +

Citrate Utilization

- neg

Greenish after incubation. No reagent added.

Additional tests performed are listed below:

Result + or -

Appearance after Incubation

Lactose Fermentation

- neg

Red- no reagent added

Sucrose Fermentation

+ pos

Yellowish- no reagent added

Phenol Red Rhamnose

(Lactose Steps)

+ pos

Yellow- no reagent

Phenol Red Xylose (Sucrose Steps)

+ pos

Yellow- no reagent

Bacterium identified as: You may want to do some additionaltests to conclusively identify your bacterium. Some good ones to domight be lactose and sucrose fermentation, like you did last week.Remember, they use Phenol Red Lactose Broth and Phenol RedSucrose Broth and yellow= positiveand red =negative. After you do those two tests,you may want to do Phenol Red Rhamnose and Phenol RedXylose, which are set up the same way as the sucrose andlactose tests, they just have different sugars. Be sure to recordyour test results!


Identify the bacterium – Make sure you look in the VirtualUnknown lab report to make sure you got the right organism. Afteryou have made your identification, look at the lab report. You cando this by going to the View menu in Virtual Unknown and selectingLab Report. You can double check with me that you are researchingthe right one.

Once all observation was performed including the additionaltesting I was left without an Unknown organism to be identified.This only leave me with a diagnose to state that no evidence wascollected to accused the warehouse as being infested with insectsaccording to the case study.

Explain what features of this organism make it an idealcandidate host for your insecticide. (Hint: remember you will needto infect insects with the bacteria to deliver the insecticide.)–Find out where the unknown organism was isolated from.

Describe in detail the steps you will take to insert the targetgene into the bacterium. - Figure 8.1 of your book should help youwith this.


< Within a few sentences, provide a concluding statementabout the results of your laboratory>

Virtual Lab Report


Instructor: Test User


Unknown: BiotechUnknown

Identification Information

Assigned Unknown: Identification not yet complete

Identified Unknown: TBD

Gram Reaction & Morphology: Gram Negative Rods

Auto-Inoculation Used: Yes

Test Detail (Chronological Order):

1 Gram Reaction {-} Eliminated {53}Remaining {71} Recorded 1 time(s)

Observations: none

2 Indole production {+} Eliminated {44}Remaining {27} Recorded 1 time(s)

Observations: none

3 Mannitol fermentation {-} Eliminated {19}Remaining {8} Recorded 1 time(s)

Observations: none

4 Methyl red {+} Eliminated {0} Remaining{8} Recorded 1 time(s)

Observations: none

5 Citrate Utilization (Simmons) {-}Eliminated {2} Remaining {6} Recorded 1 time(s)

Observations: none

6 Lactose fermentation {-} Eliminated {0}Remaining {6} Recorded 1 time(s)

Observations: none

7 Sucrose fermentation {+} Eliminated {4}Remaining {2} Recorded 1 time(s)

Observations: none

8 Rhamnose fermentation {+} Eliminated {2}Remaining {0} Recorded 1 time(s)

Observations: none

9 Xylose fermentation {+} Eliminated {0}Remaining {0} Recorded

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