1) In Eukaryotic cells, Glycolysis occurs in the __________,Pyruvate Oxidation and the Citric Acid Cycle occur in the ________,and the electron transport chain is in the _____________.

a) Mitochondrial matrix; Mitochrondrial inner membrane;Cytoplasm

b) Cytoplasm; Mitochrondrial inner membrane; Mitochondiralmatrix

c) Mitochrondrial inner membrane; Cytoplasm; Mitochondrialmatrix

d) Cytoplasm; Mitochondrial matrix; Mitochrondrial innermembrane

e) Mitochrondrial inner membrane; Mitochondrial Matrix;Cytoplasm

2) We can detect tyrosinase among thousands of other proteins ina mushroom extract (in a solution or in-gel) because:

a) Its bigger than other proteins

b) Its smaller than other proteins

c) Its more charged than other proteins

d) It reacts with a specific substrate to produce a coloredproduct

e) It converts a specific colored substrate to a colorlessproduct

3) The highest energy carrier (transfer molecule) in cellsis:


b) FADH2

c) ATP

d) GTP

e) Acetyl- coA

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29 Sep 2019
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