15 May 2019

We live in a highly gender differentiated society. Boys and girls start receiving differential treatment from the world almost as soon as they are born. Throughout childhood, they are exposed to images of males and females that are highly stereotypical (e.g., Bob is the builder and Wendy is his assistant). As your textbook indicates, children very quickly become knowledgeable about gender stereotypes and their stereotypes are adult-like by 11 years of age. And, the cycle repeats itself with each succeeding generation.

Scholars in many different disciplines have long discussed the social inequality and personal disappointments gender stereotypes help create. The dos and don't s for men and women have long been the topic of academic debates, political rallies, and self-help books. Given these circumstances, it appears that living in a gender neutral world would be a step in the right direction; perhaps many social problems can be eliminated if this were to happen.

Given such a possibility, would you be willing to raise your children in a gender neutral manner? Could you? Pros? Cons? There is a lot to consider...

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Reid Wolff
Reid WolffLv2
15 May 2019

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