28 Oct 2018

---- Please hlep on ALL EXCERCISES on excel with each excersie on a separate tab. Thank You

Pop 1 – Exponential Population Growth

Exercise #1 Begin with a continuously growing population of 9 individuals and an intrinsic rate of growth (r) of 0.33 per year. Project the growth of this population over the next 10 years.

Exercise #2 Decrease r from 0.33 to 0.27 and repeat exercise 1. Include a graph showing the two population trajectories.

Exercise #3 Assume that the population in exercise #1 has discrete as opposed to continuous population growth with λ = 1.40. Project the growth of this population over the next 20 years.

Exercise #4 If a continuously growing population contained 47 individuals in 2000 and 156 individuals in 2013, what is r?

Exercise #5 How many years would be required for a continuously growing population of 19 individuals with r = 0.15 to increase to a size of 500 individuals?

Exercise #6 What is the doubling time of a continuously growing population with an r = 0.007?

Exercise #7 What is the probability of extinction for a species of rare bird with an initial population size of 180, b = 1.41, d = 1.39. What if there were only 30 birds to start?

Exercise #8 Observations of an endemic salamander species in the Santa Cruz mountains have declined from 21 per transect in 1975 to 14 per transect in 2014. What is λ for this discretely growing population?


t double = ln(2)/r

P(extinction) = (d/b)^N0

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