4 Aug 2019

The Indian caste system historically linked status and ranking in society with purity in food consumption. Thus, the Brahmins, the highest caste, would consume only the purest of cuisines. Which of the following foods characterized the Brahmin diet?

menudo (tripe, intestines)

In discussing the processing of chicha, the corn beer made by the Quechua of Andean South America, Glenna Dean noted the technology involved in jump starting the breaking down of the starches in the corn. Which of the following ingredients do the Quechua use to start their corn beer?

human saliva

Which of the following uses of food distinguishes large scale hunter gatherers from small scale hunter gatherers?

Large scale use food surpluses to show differences in social ranking
Large scale share food equally among all members fo the social group
Small scale agriculture allows the accumulation of surpluses
Seasonality of food sources prevents accumulation in both groups

Generalized reciprocity is the way that food is exchanged in many small-scale societies. In this form of exchange, the giver of the food...

expects the immediate return of some food of equivalent value
sells the food for an agreed-upon price
shares food in exchange for increased status and prestige
share food so that the recipient will share food back some time in the future

The development of intensive agriculture was important in human history because it

had significant impact on the environment, but this impact was ery localized and could be controlled.
actually bred greater ecological diversity
was an ecological improvement over fallowing as practiced in horticulture
produced the agrcultural surpluses that were critical to the development of complex societies

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