1 Apr 2018

In personal Health:

1. Conflict resolution is inevitable whenever people live or work together. The goal of conflict resolution is to settle differences peacefully and creatively. Think back to a recent disagreement. How did you communicate your feelings to the other person involved? After reading the strategies for conflict resolution, what would you do differently?

2. Discussing/studying the functions of our reproductive systems (sexual anatomy) can be embarrassing for some students. Do you think students of this generation are more or less comfortable than their parents' generation when discussing such issues? Did either of your parents explain the menstrual cycle to you? If not, why do think they may have been uncomfortable doing so? Describe how the level of discomfort is changing in this current generation of college students?

3. It is sometimes difficult to express ourselves because of the boundaries established by gender role stereotypes (generalizations about how males and females should express themselves). List characteristics that you associate with being male. Now female. How do you think society/media has influenced your perceptions regarding the characteristics you chose? Now, suppose your son decides he wants to become a dancer. How would you feel about this? Would you willingly enroll him in dance classes, or try to discourage him? What role do you think society has played on your attitudes regarding gender role stereotyping?

4. The environment in which a child grows up has a tremendous impact on his/her psychological and social development. Think back to your childhood and list your family's strengths and weaknesses. Now list what you believe are the essential characteristics of a healthy "family" environment? How did your family compare? What can you do as a current or future parent to ensure that your child is raised in a healthy environment?

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Jean Keeling
Jean KeelingLv2
4 Apr 2018
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