10 Apr 2018

1.If scientists could increase telomerase production in specific cells, the primary reason for this would most likely be the stopping of

A. meiosis.

B. aerobic respiration.

C. cancer cell formation.

D. All of the answer choices are correct.

E. aging of cells.

2. When DNA replicates

A. the original DNA unwinds, and multiple copies of a region are transcribed before the DNA closes back up.

B. transcription factors determine where to begin DNA replication.

C. None of the answer choices are correct.

D.one strand of the original DNA ends up in each of the new DNA molecules.

E. the original DNA is not affected and a new double-stranded DNA is made from two new strands of DNA.

3. In the biology lab, you observe three different animal cells under a microscope. In one cell, the nucleus is uniformly filled, with no distinct chromosome structure visible. In another, you see the nucleus with two nucleolus areas of more compact chromatin. A third cell is in mitosis, and distinct chromosome strands are visible. The value in packaging DNA in tighter forms of chromatin is for

A. mobility and protection of the DNA molecule during mitosis.

B. prevention of ligase enzyme action during replication.

C. Both answers regarding DNA mobility, protection and regulation in mitosis and transcription are correct.

D. regulation and protection of the DNA during transcription.

E.insuring that sister chromatids will be attached prior to replication.


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11 Apr 2018

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