24 Jan 2018

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Question 1: How do you balance the overall risks and benefits of vaccinations that most infants and children receive in the U.S.?
Question 2: How do you feel about this statement: So long as a disease is rare where I live, my family and I should avoid getting vaccinated because of the risk of adverse reactions.
Question 3: How do you feel about this statement: Even though there's some risk of adverse reactions to vaccines, my family and I should be vaccinated, because if we aren't we put the health of others at risk.
Question 4: Currently, all 50 states have school immunization laws requiring that children receive vaccinations, although different states may have somewhat different requirements and potential religious or philosophical exemptions. How do you feel about schools requiring vaccines?
Question 5: Do you believe that parents should have sole decision-making power about immunizing their children, in contrast to external regulations or requirements?

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Elin Hessel
Elin HesselLv2
24 Jan 2018

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