23 Apr 2019

Host Defenses Activity

Our ability to fight off infection is three fold. Below is a list of terms that deal with our defenses. Match the definition with the terms on this sheet and then fill in the attached diagram with the terms below.

Host Defenses

1st Line of defense ___G_
2nd line of defense ____
3rd line of defense ____
Innate, nonspecific immunity____
Acquired, specific immunity____
T lymphocytes____
Physical barriers____
Chemical barriers____
Inflammatory response____
B lymphocytes _____

Matching Definitions

A. immunity present at birth, provide nonspecific resistance to infection
B. Adaptive immunities: Immunity that develops after the interaction of antigens with the immune system
C. Many different types, involved in cell-to-cell contact or CMI
D. barrier that blocks invasion at the portal of entry
E. Protective cells and fluids; inflammation and phagocytosis
F .Acquired with exposure to foreign substance; produces protective antibodies and creates memory cells
G. Skin and mucus membranes
H. Bile, stomach acid, skin pH, lysozyme
I. Surveys tissue and discover microbes and dead or injured cells and removes them
J. 26 blood proteins that work to destroy bacteria and viruses
K. Rubor, tumor, calor, dolor
L. Initiated by circulating pyrogens which reset the hypothalamus to inhibit the growth of microbes
M. Responsible for AMI and production of antibodies

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26 Apr 2019

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