27 May 2019

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If you examine plant life in a very arid place like deathvalley, you may find some herbaceous desert plants that do not have any anatomical features for water conservation. How would you expect this as someone who has studied botany?

A. they absorb moisture from the atmosphere during night
B. they can grow with very little available water.
C. they can exist and grow for long periods on stored water.
D. they complete life cycle within the short time there is sufficient moisture.

E. they use crassulacean acid metabolism pathway

Which of the following is a difference between a prairie grassland and a savanna grassland?

A. Prairie soils are rich in nutrients
B. Savannas have provided some of the most productive agricultural lands.
C. Prairies support an immense population of animals.

D. Savannas have scattered tall trees

Why are sclerophyllous shrubs the dominant forms of chaparral vegetation?

A. plants are too densely grown preventing the development of large leaves
B. because there are prolonged dry spells and extreme drought in the summer months.
C. large population of herbivores feed on softer leaves on other species

D. the elevation prevents other forms of plant life.

Bogs are areas with acidic soils in which carnivorous plants can often be found preying on insects. If insects are a good source of nitrogen, why don ?t more plants in all other ecosystems adopt carnivorous habits?

A. plants in other habitats obtain nitrogen from bacteria in their root nodules.
B. insects in other habitats do not contain as much nitrogen.
C. insects are more mobile and hard to catch in non-swampy areas.
D. it is more energy efficient to absorb nitrogen from soils that are not deficient of nitrogen

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27 May 2019

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