2 Mar 2019

Which compartments are involved in vesicular transport? How are transport vesicles formed and targeted appropriately? What proteins are involved and what are their roles? What kinds of modifications are added to proteins in the ER? What determines whether a protein stays in the ER or moves on? Be sure to understand how vesicles fuse with their target membranes, and the consequences of fusion for the vesicle’s cargo as well as the proteins and lipids that are in the membrane. Know the structure of the Golgi apparatus and its role in intracellular trafficking. Understand the secretory process, endocytosis, exocytosis, function of the endosomes, and function of the lysosomes. Understand why endocytosis happens and how it can be regulated to take up specific molecules.

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Jamar Ferry
Jamar FerryLv2
3 Mar 2019

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