5 Jul 2018

Populations MM MN NN Total
African American 79 138 61 278
European Americans 1787 3039 1303 6129
Native Americans 123 72 10 205

a. (10pts) What genetic term can be used to describe the inheritance of the MN blood group?

b.(10pts) Describe the Hardy and Weinberg Equilibrium conditions and ultimate results

c. (40 pts) What are the gene frequencies and genotypic frequencies for all three populations?-(Hint: you will need this information for the prediction of the next generation).

d.(40 pts) Are there any of the three populations in the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium? Show your work legibly: Hint: frequencies are essential Hint: observed and expected genotypic frequencies are necessary? Is there a statistical tool /method to support your argument?).

e. (30pts) If Native Americans were to marry of European Americans, what are the gene and genotypic frequencies among their progeny?

f. (20 pts) NON-MN blood group: Red-green colorblindness is a recessive sex-linked inherited trait, If the sexes have the following gene frequencies

Females Phenotype Males
.08 Normal .05
.02 Color-blind .02

What is the gene frequencies among the males ONLY in the next generation?

A bonus question(20pts) under what genetic conditions if two members of the AB blood group can the individuals have O blood type child?

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5 Jul 2018

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