29 Jan 2018

1.A mutation occurs in a cell to cause its SH2 domains to be constantly activated. What is the result of this mutation? a. The cell will become senescent and cease to go through the cell cycle b. The cell will no longer be able to complete mitosis because of compromised spindle fibers c. The cell will experience continuous division. d. The cell will create increased G-Protein receptor density at the cell membrane surface, leading to sensitization to ligands released in the intercellular space. e. Nothing will change.

2. Which of the following catalyzes the transformation of ATP to cAMP? a. Adenylyl cyclase b. Phosphorylase c. Protein Kinase d. Phosphoinositol Phospholipase e. Diacyl glycerol

3.During which phases of the cell cycle does the cell have double the amount of DNA? a. G1 and G2 phase b. S and G1 phase c. G2 and Early M phase d. G2 and Late M phase e. G1 and Late M phase

4. Which of the following is a likely reason for apoptosis to occur in a cell? a. The cell is part of a structure that is being modified during development. b. The cell merges with another cell (ex: a sperm and egg cell. c. An error occurred when the cell's DNA was being replicated. d. The organism is growing quickly. e. a and c

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30 Jan 2018

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