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41. Water activity refers to _______________________ and is very important in the field of ______________ _______________.
42. Water activity is inversely proportional to __________ _____________.
43. The optimal water activity for most bacteria is __________.
44. The ______ phase of the bacterial growth curve where there is greater metabolic activity.
45. We say that the growth in bacteria is exponential because ___________________ ________________________.
46. ​​Transition periods in the growth curve refer to the time ___________ ________________________ and are due to ____________ in ___________________.
47. The phase of the growth curve where there is great metabolic activity, but there is no
significant growth is the ________________.
48. The only techniques that determine viable growth are based on ____________________.
49. The Petroff-Hausser camera is used to make ____________________________________.
50. The turbidimetry method uses a ______________________ and is used to determine bacterial growth indirectly and is a method for ______________________.

Posted Aug 26 2019

Answered on Aug 26 2019
41.water activity is the ratio between partial water vapur pressure of the substance and partialvapour pressure of pure water.It is considered unbound water in food.It's important to n filed food science. 42. to osmotic pressure. 43 .0.9 44. exponential phase 45. Because bacteria only grow and multiply in the exponential phase. 46. time between log phas ea& stationary phase and is due to decrease in cell growth in bacterias 47. lag phase 48. viable cell count 49. used for bacteria counting 50. uses light scattering technique , method for finding number of cells in bacteria.

A student determines that the field of view with a 10x ocular lens and a 4x objective lens is 2.5 in diameter.What is the diameter if the student changes the objective lens to 10x?

14 Feb 2019

Plant Physiology:

Greenhouse producers often supplement the atmospheres in their facilities with extra CO2. This addition increases plant growth, leading to more rapid plant production for sale. Describe (1) how this supplemental CO2 benefits growth and the physiological and biochemical level and (2) what drawbacks the plant might face upon transplanting to a homeowner’s garden.

30 Jun 2019

What genotypes does a person with AB blood have

14 Feb 2019