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Qu’est ce que la phylogénétique

Posted Aug 26 2019

Answered on Aug 29 2019
Question: What is phylogenetics? Phylogenetics is the study of the evolutionary relationship between different species or taxa, genes or protein sequences. It involves reconstructing evolutionary histories from the sequence information available by using different models. It helps usto determine the evolutionar relationship, to understand the process of evolution by the rate of change of sequences of gene or protein, mutation rates , divergence time and history etc. tapsinvolved in this are- sidentify models/parameters--- sequence collection from samples or database---sequence alignment---ffinding orthologues genes/ sequences---estimation of error using statistical parameters

A student determines that the field of view with a 10x ocular lens and a 4x objective lens is 2.5 in diameter.What is the diameter if the student changes the objective lens to 10x?

14 Feb 2019

Plant Physiology:

Greenhouse producers often supplement the atmospheres in their facilities with extra CO2. This addition increases plant growth, leading to more rapid plant production for sale. Describe (1) how this supplemental CO2 benefits growth and the physiological and biochemical level and (2) what drawbacks the plant might face upon transplanting to a homeowner’s garden.

30 Jun 2019

What genotypes does a person with AB blood have

14 Feb 2019