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________30. If you are investigating the inner structure of a new cell and see that it has a significantly larger amount of RER than other cells. You would conclude the cell does a great deal of____?
A. ATP synthesis

B. protein synthesis
C. DNA synthesis
D. active transport
E. polysaccharide hydrolysis

________31. If a cell comes in contact with a toxic substance such as H2O2, it could survive as long as it has a ___ to digest it.
B. peroxisome

C. mitochondria
D. phospholipids
E. intermediate filaments

________32. Some cells have structures to help them withstand osmotic pressure. For example,
A. Plant cells due to their walls
B. Animal cells due to the sodium/potassium pumps

C. Bacterial cell due to their swimming

D. Viruses due to their protein coats

________33. Evolution occurs only as a cell ____.

A. They undergo mitosis
B. Change in their gene pool
C. They move from one habitat to another

D. They begin to eat different foods

________34. Ribosomes are produced in the

A. nucleoli.
B. chromatin.
C. nuclear envelopes.

D. Golgi complex. E. cisternae.

________35. Algae are often green, but there are red and brown species also. What accounts for this difference in color?
A. The chlorophyll of chloroplasts
B. The pigments in other plastids

C. The presence of a mitochondria
D. The accumulation of cellular wastes

________36. The chloroplast and other like prokaryotes have which of the following that helps with photosynthesis?
A. They live in water based environments
B. They have chloroplasts in their cytoplasm

C. Change color in the dark vs. the sun
D. They have photoreceptor proteins in their membranes or mesosomes.

________37. Located in the membrane, we see a set of proteins called receptors that only connect with or bind to specific substances. This is called __.
A. ligand specificity.
B. hormone selectivity.

C. cell tonicity.
D. water saturation. E. signal resolution.

________38. Of the following statements, we could say that ___ is false.
A. All organisms are composed of cells and cell products.
B. An organism's structure and all of its functions are due to the activities of cells.
C. The cellular organelles are the simplest structural and functional unit of life.
D. Cells come from preexisting cells.
E. Cells are made from nonliving components including the nucleus, cell membrane and cytoplasm.

________39. If it is really true that our cells are the smallest anatomical unit that meets all of the properties of life, then which of the following could imply otherwise?
A. vacuoles
B. centrioles

C. Golgi apparatus
D. mitochondria
E. endoplasmic reticulum

________40. Oxygen is an absolute need for animal and plant cells alike due to the ___.

B. Mitochondria
C. Lysosomes


________41. In a plasma membrane, we expect to see the carb/protein structures to extend into the ___, but the secondary messengers to move within the __.
A. extracellular fluid; cytosol
B. cytosol; extracellular fluid

C. intracellular fluid; cytosol

D. cytosol; intracellular fluid

E. extracellular fluid; plasma

________42. Bacteria are found in all of the following habitats:

A. Caves
B. Oceans
C. Animals

D. Everywhere on Earth

________43. Two solutions are separated by a selectively permeable membrane. Solution A has a higher concentration of an impermeable solute compared to solution B. Which of the following do you expect would happen?
A. solute will move from solution A to solution B

B. solute will move from solution B to solution A

C. water will more from solution A to solution B

D. water will move from solution B to solution A E. no movement of solute or water will occur

________44. In the kidney, we notice that almost all of the cells involved in the production of urine have high concentrations of the Na+/K+ pump. Which typically works to push Na+ ___ its concentration gradient by using ___.
A. up; active transport

B. up; facilitated transport
C. up; cotransport
D. down; active transport
E. down; facilitated transport

________45. In the charts of a patient recently admitted to the hospital noted that he was taking a medication called lithium and high doses of calcium supplements. Given this, we would expect the patient’s liver to have a higher than normal amount of __ to purify out the lithium and calcium.

A. lysosomes.
B. centrosomes.
C. mitochondria.
D. peroxisomes.
E. rough endoplasmic reticulum.

________46. We have long observed that our neural cells in the brain cannot replicate or replace themselves due to the lack of ____.
A. produce ATP.
B. divide.

C. produce enzymes.
D. secrete material across their plasma membrane E. conduct electrical signals.

________47. An organism’s structure and function is ultimately due to the structure and function of it’s __.
A. Organs
B. Tissues

C. Cells

D. Nuclei

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