22 Oct 2018

Consider a typical cell at its resting membrane potential (rest Vm). The membrane temporarily becomes more permeable to Cl-.

Ecl = -65mV, resting Vm = -60mV

Does an electrical force (gradient) exist, if so in what direction? (.5 point)

What direction will the ion flow (said another way, what is the electrochemical gradient? (.5 point)

Would you expect the chloride equilibrium potential to change and if so, what direction will the change be? (.5 point)

If a cell were only permeable to one ion, would the Nernst potential for that ion (Ex) and the resting membrane potential be the same or different (if so how are they different)? (.5 points)

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Jamar Ferry
Jamar FerryLv2
23 Oct 2018

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