Asked on 1 Jan 2018

1. In the flour moth, Ephestia, pigment production in eyes of moths depends on a pair of nuclear alleles, A and a. The A allele directs production of a diffusible substance that his involved in pigment synthesis. This substance diffuses from a heterozygous or homozygous dominant mother into all her young, enabling them to synthesize the final pigment. All progeny of a dark-eyed female have dark eyes initially. As the moths age, only those with an AA or Aa genotype can make the diffusible substance for themselves and continue to produce pigment. Without the diffusible substrate, pigment is no longer produced and the eyes lighten with age. What eye color do you expect in young progeny, and then as they age, from each of these crosses? a) Female AA X Male AA b) Female AA X Male Aa c) Female AA X Male aa d) Female Aa X Male AA e) Female Aa X Male Aa f) Female Aa X Male aa g) Female aa X Male AA h) Female aa X Male Aa i) Female aa X Male aa

Answered on 1 Jan 2018

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