30 May 2018

Treatment Mean number of Aspen Trees Mean Aspen Height (m)
Elk absent, burned 2,058 2.8
Elk absent, unburned 738 1.2
Elk present, burned 91 .3
Elk present, unburned 753 .4

Question 1. What is the total number of plots that were established in this experiment? How many of these plots were burned? How many were unburned?

Question 2. b) Summarize how elk and fire affect the number of young aspen trees. In your summary, consider such questions as: What are the overall effects of fire and elk on the number of aspen? Does the impact of elk on aspen number depend on whether the plots were burned? Does the impact of burning on aspen depend on whether elk were present?

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Jean Keeling
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1 Jun 2018

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