What is the hybridization in CO2?

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The carbon atom has sp hybridization; the O atoms have sp2 hybridization.

You must first draw the Lewis structure for CO2.

Two of the sp2 orbitals contain lone pairs, while the remaining sp2 orbital and the unhybridized p orbital have one electron each.

We can see this arrangements in this C=O bond of formaldehyde, which is same as the right-hand side of the O=C=O molecule as shown.

There is a similar arrangement on the left side of the O=C=O molecule, but the πbond is horizontal rather than vertical.

Example 1

sp (Beryllium chloride, BeCl2; Acetylene, C2H2)

sp2 (Boron trichoride, BCl3; Ethylene, C2H4)

sp3 (Methane, CH4; Ethane, C2H6)

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