How do you determine the molar mass of heptanes?

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The molar mass of heptanes is 100.21 g/mol.

n-heptane is a straight chain alkane. When we used the anti-kncok test engine as a fuel component.

a 100% heptane fuel is the zero point of the octane rating scale (the 100 point is a 100% iso-octane. Octane number equates to the anti-knock qualities of a comparison mixture of heptane and isooctane which is expressed as the percentage of isooctane in heptane and is listed on pumps for gasoline (petrol) dispensed globally.

Heptane is widely used in labortries as a non polar solvent. Which is used in anti knock engine as a fuel and a very easily transport and storage we used this component.the best example of this component was that there this easy used and no any harmful effect of our body.

To calculate the molecular weight of anything, you will take the chemical formula of the molecule (in this case C7H16) you know the atomic weight of all of the atoms that make up the molecule so you will add them together.

Carbon has an atomic mass of 12.0107 
Hydrogen has an atomic mass of 1

Take 7x12.0107 + 16x1 = 100.07

Admittedly this is slightly different than the average molecular weight of heptane at 100.21, but this is likely due to the slight deviations for atomic mass of both carbon and hydrogen.

Heptane has the formula C7H16. Looking at the periodic table, you can see that Carbon has the atomic mass of 12. and hydrogen 1. Now, add them together; (12x7)+(1x16)=100 g/mol.

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