11 Nov 2019

1. Use the Molecular Orbital Diagram to calculate the Bond order for the following Chemical Species?

A. He He

B. He He+

C. N N

D. B B

E. O O

F. F2

G. F- F-

H. F+ F-

2. Which of these chemical species is stable, according to (or as predicted by) molecular orbital theory?

How did you know this or how were you able to determine this?

3. Which is the most stable(as predicted by MO theory)

4. Are there any chemical species that would be attracted to a magnetic field? How were you able to determine this?

5. Use Valence bond theory to describe which atomic orbitals overlap in N2. Draw a bonding scheme that shows the atomic orbitals overlapping.

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Bunny Greenfelder
Bunny GreenfelderLv2
16 Jan 2019

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