17 Nov 2019

Octreotide (brand name Sandostatin) is a potent inhibitor of growth hormone and is used clinically for the treatment of growth hormone producing tumors (acromegaly). It has the following structure:

a) Circle the peptide linkages in the structure above. For each linkage include the carbonyl carbon and oxygen as well as the amide nitrogen and hydrogen.

b) How many peptide bonds can you identify in this structure? ___________

c) Note that the C-terminus is atypical. Which functional group would you expect for a regular peptide. What do you find instead? Expected ____________ Found _____________

d) In the structure below circle the amino acid side chains and label them using the three letter code according to the amino acid they are part of.

e) In the chemical structure below, circle or highlight functional groups that you expect to be charged at physiological pH. (second photo)

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Collen Von
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24 May 2019

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