Asked on 24 Aug 2019

1). The following reaction occurs in basic solution. Identify the oxidizing agent. (Note: The equation is not balanced.) Zn(s) + NO3-(aq) ® Zn(OH)42-(aq) + NH3(aq) OH-(aq) NO3-(aq) H2O(mc010-1.jpg ) Zn(s) NH3(aq) 2). Ethylene glycol is used in automobile radiators as an antifreeze. Use the following information to determine the freezing point of an antifreeze solution made by mixing 2.5 L of ethylene glycol with 2.5 L of water. Ethylene glycol is essentially nonvolatile and it does not dissociate in water. molar mass of ethylene glycol = 62.1 g/mol density of ethylene glycol = 1.11 g/mL density of water = 1.00 g/mL Kf for water = 1.86°C kg/mol –1.6°C –33°C –39°C –24°C –16°C

Answered on 24 Aug 2019

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