13 Dec 2019

Below is protien sequence showsn using single letter abbreviations from an insect mid gut. The pH of the midgut for this insect is pH 10.5 and that is the optimal pH for this protien.

1) Above each amino acid side group label the charge [+,-,N (neutral) ] for each amino acid side group, along this protien at its optimal pH.

2) Then, calculate the overall cahrge "net charge" for this protien when present in the insect midgut.

N-terminus: M-A-R-K-E-K-F-W-P-Y-H-R-C-Y-S-D-R-G

~So I believe I am looking for the charges at a pH of 10.5, but not sure?

I know KRH (+) and DE(-) have charges in neutral pH

Optimal temps K: 10.0 R:12.0 H:6.5 D:4.4 E:4.4 Is it correct then that the charges would be



I also don't understand how to do number two or how to factor in the amnio and carboxyl groups with pH C:3.1 and N:8.0??

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