13 Dec 2019

The following sentence appears in the abstract of an article describing a new analytical method, involving HPLC and AFS for the determination of arsenic compounds in rice: “The method was applied to a market basket of rice samples.” What would you expect to find in the Results and Discussion section of the article to support this statement?

a. A table showing the results of the analysis of several rice samples purchase at a local supermarket.

b. The results of experiments in which known amounts of different arsenic compounds were added to rice samples, which were then analyzed.

c. The results of several different methods that were evaluated for the extraction of the arsenic compounds into solution.

d. A table showing the results of the analysis of some certified reference materials that were in not significantly different from the values on the certificate.

e. Several figures showing the chromatograms obtained when some certified reference materials were analyzed by HPLC.

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Deanna Hettinger
Deanna HettingerLv2
17 Dec 2019

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