13 Dec 2019

1. If a balloon is cooled, the volume _______ while the pressure inside the balloon _________

A) increases, remains the same

B) decreases, increases

C) decreases, remains the same

D) decreases, decreases

2. The following are commonly observed properties of gases ( more than one answer):

A) gases do not exert pressure on surroundings

B) gases experience a "memory" effect and take on the shape of previous containers

C) gases have no definite shape of their own

D) gases cannot be compressed

E) a gas completely fills the container it occupies

F) gases exert pressure on their surroundings

G) gases are highly compressible

Can you please answer both? Needing to study these for finals. Thank you so much!

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Collen Von
Collen VonLv2
17 Dec 2019

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