13 Dec 2019

Certain tenets of Dalton’s atomic theory are now known to be not entirely correct. Which tenets might not be entirely correct? Why is it still useful to teach them in chemistry class?
Given what you have learned thus far, describe how chemistry has affected your life in ways that you were not previously aware?
Discuss two reasons how a course in Chemistry will benefit you in your particular major. If Chemistry is not a major requirement for you, then how might a course in chemistry be beneficial to you in a general way?
Given that GCU is a Christian University, provide your understanding of how the Christian Worldview fits into this chemistry course.http://www.gcu.edu/About-Us/Christian-Worldview.php.

write 100 words or less for each question.

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Beverley Smith
Beverley SmithLv2
17 Dec 2019

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