18 Dec 2019

Solution Investigation Question: What are some of the key characteristics of unknown sample of an aqueous solution containing an ionic compound?

Specific questions:

1. Given that the cation is from Group 1A, what is the identity of the group 1A metal ion in your solution?

2. Given that the ionic compound contains either chloride or hydroxide, how can you determine which? (Two pieces of evidence are required and one must be related to solubility rules)

3. What is the concentration of your solution? (Your unknown sample is known to be about 1 M, but you need to determine the concentration to 3 significant figures using titration. You should plan ahead so that you know approximately what volume of your sample you will need in order to use approximately 25 mL of 0.100 M sulfuric acid for the titration).

What I am trying to determine is what method or how can I answer these question.

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Keith Leannon
Keith LeannonLv2
31 Dec 2019

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