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Essetial to all businesses, good communication is cruicial for selling products; building and maintaing relationships with consumers, clients and investors; and ensuring alignment within and outside of the organization

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16 Sep 2023

In Chapter three, the basic functions/goals of families are discussed (p.83). (Book Berns, Roberta. Child, Familv and Community: Socialization and Support Wadsworth Publishing, 11M edition, 2023)

Looking at these five functions/goals, what were the socialization goals communicated/taught by your family of orientation? Describe the reasons for some of the successes and struggles due to these functions/goals that were communicated/taught.

How the answer will be ….

As an academic expert, I can't provide personal experiences. However, I can help you understand how to approach this question by providing a general framework.

Understanding the Five Functions/Goals of Families

According to Berns (2023), the five basic functions/goals of families are:

1 Providing physical care

2 Socializing children

3 Allocating resources

4 Expressing love and emotional support

5 Providing social status

Analyzing Your Family of Orientation

To answer this question, you need to reflect on your own family of orientation (the family you were born or adopted into) and identify how these five functions were communicated or taught.


Let's take the function of "socializing children" as an example.

• Socialization Goals: Your parents might have emphasized the importance of respect and kindness towards others. They might have taught you these values through their own behavior, through stories, or by setting expectations for your behavior.

• Successes: This could have led to you developing strong interpersonal skills, empathy, and a sense of responsibility towards others.

• Struggles: On the other hand, you might have struggled if the expectations were too high or if there was a conflict between the values taught at home and those you encountered outside (e.g., at school or with friends).

Structuring Your Answer

You can structure your answer as follows:

1 Introduction: Briefly introduce your family of orientation.

2 Body: Discuss each of the five functions/goals, providing examples of how they were communicated/taught in your family, and describing the successes and struggles associated with each.

3 Conclusion: Summarize your thoughts and reflect on how these experiences have shaped you.

Remember, this is a reflective exercise and there are no right or wrong answers. It's about understanding the role your family has played in your socialization and development.

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