Asked on 13 Dec 2017

Longer multiple choice questions (3 points each) Coding Question - Fibonacci sequence You are to write a method named "Fibo" that takes as input an integer n, and returns the nth number in the Fibonacci sequence. If Fibo (n) denotes the nth number in the Fibonacci sequence, then recall for n > 2, Fibo (n) = Fibo (n-1) + Fibo (n-2), and Fibo (1) = 1 and Fibo (2) = 1. You are to assume that the user is always going to enter an input greater than 2. For example Fibo (4) = 3. Use the 7 following questions to "write" your code. Pay close attention to how your answers group together with each other. 26. Line 1 (A) public static int Fibo (int n) { (B) public static void main(String[] args) { (C) public static int Fibo () { (D) public static void Fibo (Double input) { (E) public static void Fibo (int n) {

Answered on 13 Dec 2017

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