Asked on 17 Feb 2020

FDC owns a very expensive, state of the art dental scan machine (a device far superior to a traditional dental X-ray machine) manufactured by Toshiba, Japan. FDC will be owning just one such machine in the foreseeable future. When modelling and implementing FDC system in software, you must ensure that only one instance of that machine is created. Which design pattern could come to your assistance? Justify your answer. Provide a UML diagram and an implementation for the pattern you have recommended. You may include suitable attributes for the machine such as serial number, make, country of origin and cost. Your implementation should allow the user to enter details of the dental scanner and create the sole instance of that machine. Any attempt to create more than one instance of the scanner must be prevented.  Provide screenshots and source code listing as evidence of program execution.

Answered on 17 Feb 2020

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