You have been contracted by a popular fitness club to create a Java Program that
will help in the input, calculation, display of calories burnt and pounds lost during a week of
workout for members of the club.
The program will also base on the amount of weight lost update the weight of the user and
calculate and display the users BMI – body mass index using any researched method. See an
example here- http://www.whathealth.com/bmi/formula.html
The club takes part in 5 major types of activities, namely walking, running, swimming, hiking,
and bicycling.
The program is to prompt for the Name of the member, gender, weight in pounds, height and
the time spend on each activity during the week in minutes.
The program will then calculate the calories burnt per activity, the total calorie burnt for the
week and the amount of weight lost during the week.
The amount of weight loss will be used to update the weight that was stored in the array and
calculate the person BMI . http://www.whathealth.com/bmi/formula.html
Activity Calorie Burnt Per pound per minute for
men (women are 1/6 less)
Walking .036
Running .095
Swimming .058
Hiking .058
Bicycling .044
 Calories burned per pound per minute (Bicycling – .044) x (times) your exact weight
(140 pounds) = (equals) total calories burned per minute (6.16 calories burned per
minute) x(times)minutes of activity (30 minutes) = (equals) 184.80 total calories
burned per activity.
 Women burn 1/6 less calories than Men.
 3500 calories = 1 pound of weight loss. 
Author: Dexter Chin-Yan
Write a program that would do the following:
 Print a suitable heading and prompt for the required information
 Calculate the necessary required information and store in an Array(s)
o After members names, gender, weight in pounds and time spent in each
activity has been entered (10 Members) The program should calculate the
total calories burnt Total Calorie Burnt for the week and the amount of
weight loss (depending on whether it is a man or a woman.
o Calculate and display BMI and weight status based on the table above.
General Guidelines:
 Make use of appropriate messages to make you program as informative and user
friendly as possible, without being unnecessarily complex.
 Keep user interactions simple and instructions clear
 Use adequate documentation and proper indentation to clarify your program code
where necessary and improve layout
 Pay attention to good structure and use of programming constructs.
 Documentation and layout (spacing, indentation and commenting) 10 marks
 Proper layout of interface for input, output of information 10 marks
 Use of method to calculate, BMI, calories burnt per activity, and weight loss.
 20 marks
 Creation and use of arrays to hold and processed information 20 marks
 Working program (Correctness, efficiency, user interaction) 

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