Health Economics and Financing

True or False

16. Of the 1,750 students expected to graduate with an M.D. from U.S. medical schools this year, the average debt per student will exceed $100,000.

18. The idea that hospital competition has led to a medical arms race can help explain why the U.S. has more than twice the OECD average number of MRI machines per 1,000,000 population.

Multiple Choice

29. patient cost-sharing is now a permanent feature in almost all health insurance contracts. The insurers introduce patient cost-sharing to

reduce adverse selection.

reduce risk aversion.

reduce consumer demand.

increase consumers' medication compliance.

use those funds to guarantee full coverage of catastrophic events.

36.One of the best ways to learn how the complicated healthcare system in the U.S. works is to

examine the legal basis of the provision of healthcare in the U.S.

follow the trail of money and trace the self-interest of all the parties involved.

understand how the goal of serving public interests drives the actions of all the parties involved.

carefully read and analyze healthcare-related reports and arguments in news media.

stay up-to-date with the latest medical research findings.

40.Since the implementation of hospital payment by the DRG system

cost-shifting no longer occurs in hospitals.

use of RCCAC serves no purpose to the hospital's management.

payment for hospital stays is based on a patient's diagnosis at discharge.

payment for hospital stays is based on a patient's diagnosis upon admittance to the hospital.

payment for hospital stays is less profitable for hospitals.

41.Over half of all hospital revenues are from

federal and state government programs.

private insurance.




42. If it is shown that a newly formed large hospital, which was formed by the merger of two competing hospitals, charges more to uninsured patients than do smaller hospitals in the same market, for providing the same services,

a) the large hospital may have the market power to do so.

b) the two small hospitals must be taking advantage of the economies of scale.

c) it is an example of price discrimination.

d) consumers’ welfare would not be affected.

e) the large hospital must be violating the antitrust laws.

43. A proposal to eliminate the tax deduction for charitable contributions would harm

a) physicians' salaries.

b) the number of patients paying out of pocket for cosmetic surgery.

c) the number of self-pay hospital patients.

d) hospitals budget for philanthropic donations.

e) a nurse's duties.

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