1. Some U.S hospitals are using radiologists in India to save costs. Choose any hospital and state if it is using outsourcing for cost saving?
Are you for or against outsourcing in healthcare sector? Explain.

2. IT outsourcing is rapidly rising in healthcare sector as hospitals adopt more digital medicine.
What benefits do you see from this rising trend?

3. Some U.S nurses are even visiting Mexico for more affordable dental treatments.
Mexico is the top destination for medical tourism. As a nurse, what are your concerns for U.S patients who travel overseas for treatment? What can a hospital do in response to the growing medical tourism?

Explain your answers using economic terms such as demand, supply, costs, economic profits, and strong dollar. You can add your testimonials about your hospitals.

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Yusra Anees
Yusra AneesLv10
28 Sep 2019

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