Q38. The most effective means of stimulating the economy during a recession is for the federal government to
a. increase spending and hold taxes
b. hold government spending and decrease taxes
c. decrease government spending and hold taxes
d. decrease government spending and raise taxes

Q39. The tax rebate of 2008 is an example of
a. expansionary monetary policy
b. contractionary fiscal policy
c. contractionary monetary policy
d. pump priming

Q40. A decrease in the economy's capacity utilization rate
a. tends to decrease the unemployment rate
b. tends to increase the unemployment rate
c. has no impact on the unemployment rate
d. tends to have an unpredictable effect on the unemployment rate

Q41. When the federal budget is used as a tool for economic stabilization, the ideal goal is to
a. balance the budget over the entire business cycle
b. balance the budget each year
c. balance the budget during expansions
d. run a surplus during contractions

Q42. The gasoline tax is based on the principle of
a. cost of service
b. benefit received
c. ability to pay
d. equality of sacrifice

Q43. A loan is said to be productive if it
a. increases the purchasing power of the borrower
b. increases the present utility of the borrower's possessions
c. ultimately costs less to repay than it was worth when borrowed, due to inflation
d. increases the borrower's total output and profits

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