I listened to a lecture on feminist theory and activism recently in which one of the panelists said that "Knowledge is not power, power is power. Knoweldge is not power unless you do something about it." What are your thoughts on this as it relates to feminism, feminist theory, Women's Studies, this course and how this course has changed your thoughts and actions as you move forward in life? How would you define feminist activism and how do you participate in feminist activism in your everyday life now that you have taken this class-or do you? Here is a link to the panel discussion if you are interested: Conference: Barnard Center for Research on Women Celebrating 40 years of Activism in the Academy Panel: Using Knowledge: Advancing Activism http://bcrw.barnard.edu/videos/using-knowledge-advancing-activism/

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Raushan Raj
Raushan RajLv8
28 Sep 2019

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