Mention if the following statements are true or false. Explain clearly why, using ideas and concepts.

a. Under free trade, one country gains at the expense of the other.

b. The theory of comparative advantage states that free trade benefits all countries.

c. The Neo-classical trade theory states that trade arises due to different amounts of labor and capital in a country.

d. The H-O theory states that trade arises due to different PPFs in a country.

e. Under free trade, prices fall, so trade becomes easier.

f. A country should not have any imports and should increase exports if it wants to increase its employment levels.

g. Adam Smith recommended very strong government regulation of trade.

h. A country with higher labor productivity than another country will have a comparative advantage in the production of all goods.

i. The Theory of absolute advantage explains producer and consumer equilibriums under free trade.

j. Developed countries do not gain under free trade with developing countries.

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29 Sep 2019
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