Asked on 9 Aug 2018

Refer to the table below to answer the following question Table 8 Glazeland's Doughnut Market Glazeland's Supply Glazeland's Demand (millions) (millions) Price (dollars per doughnut) 0.20 0.30 0.40 0.50 0.60 .Ooo 0.70 22) Table 8 shows Glazeland's doughnut market before international trade. Glazeland opens up to international trade. If the world price is $0.60, then Glazeland will produce doughnuts and will doughnuts. AD5 million; export 3 million B) 4 million; import 1 million C)2 million; import 3 million D) 5 million; import 3 million E) 4 million, export 1 million

Answered on 9 Aug 2018

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