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Why is regression forecasting such a useful and important tool in healthcare? Provide at least two examples of how you will utilize regression forecasting in your own practice of healthcare administration.

Posted Aug 26 2019

Answered on Aug 28 2019
Regression analysis, a statistical analysis technique used by healthcare units whics, helps hospital owners to predict future conditions, provides quantitative support for managers' judgment, highlights flaws in healthcare system thinking and provides new insights that can help system decision-makers move their work towards a more profitable future. Examples New treatments When new treatments become available, some clinicians may yield to the temptation of trying out the treatment on the patients who are most ill. This understandable desire to treat clinical outliers usually produces a gratifying and sharp response to treatment due to medium regression. Furthermore, if the relevant clinical trials exclude patients who were resistant to treatment and clinicians use treatment outside the licensed conditions, they may have the mistaken impression that the new treatment is even better among such patients. Placebo effect Trials of hormone replacement therapy show a strong placebo effect on menopausal symptoms. 6 This implies that menopausal symptoms are susceptible to placebo treatment. However, a recent systematic review of placebo versus

Domestic currency appreciation will

A. Hurt domestic firms that export and help domestic firms that import

B. Hurt domestic firms that import

C. Help domestic firms that export

D. Help domestic firms that export and hurt domestic firms that import

18 Apr 2018

Please use your own words to write a detailed report 1-2 pages about the following subject:

Why did ABC Fail at the bank of china?

Please describe as much as you can.

Thank you.

27 May 2019

Business Behavior and public policy

1. Define Market power, and then discuss the rationale for government regulation of firms with market power.

Rent Seeking

2. Explain how rent seeking can lead to a drop in production of goods and services. What role might the underground economy play in lessening the drop in productive activities?

Offical Poverty Level

3. Although the poverty rate among single mothers has decreased since 1960, the number of poor children from such families has more than doubled. Explain

Income Differences

4. List some reasons why household incomes differ. Which factors are the most important?

Official Poverty Level

5. How does the U.S. department of agriculture calculate the official poverty level? What government assistance programs does the census bureau consider when calculating household income? What programs are ignored?

Please show all work Thank You

30 Jun 2019