18 Nov 2018

Economic Analysis Paper : Macroeconomic Variables

Your third analysis paper is about the macroeconomic variables affecting firm or industry performance. Using your company selection, complete the following Main Elements:

The company is Microsoft

  1. Identify three to five macroeconomic variables that affect the demand for and/or supply of the products or services produced by your company or industry. For example, if you are analyzing a consumer product, such as television sets or computers, you might include consumer income, energy prices, wage rates, and interest rates.
  2. Find historical data (three to five years) for these variables for one of the countries in which your company or industry has a major presence. Develop your own graphs and/or tables showing the data, and discuss how the variables have changed over the period you are examining. Do not copy and paste data from other websites, but use the available data to create your own table or graph.
  3. Compare changes in the macroeconomic variables to changes in the company data you collected in Papers One and Two. What observations can you make about the effects of movements in macroeconomic variables on the company

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Tod Thiel
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18 Nov 2018

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