1. A monopoly market structure is characterized by

a. large number of firms, standardized products, easy entry and exit.

b. large number of firms, differentiated products, easy entry and exit.

C. small number of firms, standardized or differentiated products, difficult entry.

d. one firm, a unique product without close substitutes, and impossible entry.

e. one firm, differentiated product, impossible entry.


2. Which of the following is not a characteristic of monopolistic competition?

a. Differentiated products

b. A downward-sloping demand curve for individual firms

c. Firms that are price makers

d. Impeded entry into the industry

e. A large number of firms


3. One factor that distinguishes oligopoly from other market structures is

a. the ease of entry into the market.

b. the interdependence of firms.

c. the slope of the demand curve.

d. the degree of product differentiation.

e. the amount of advertising expenditures.


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