1 Feb 2019

1. Understanding the Nature of Communication

The same process that applies to everyday communication applies to communication in the workplace. Understanding the steps in this process can help you craft more meaningful and effective messages.

Which parts of the communication process are described in the following scenario?

Helene types a brief informational update for the members of the budget committee into an e-mail message and hits “send.”

While typing the e-mail message, Helene is engaged in .

A. idea information

B. message encoding

C. message transmission

By hitting the send icon, Helene is engaged in .

A. message transmission

B. message decoding

C. message encoding

For the communication process to be successful, the receiver must understand the information sent by the sender. Communication barriers, however, can complicate the process. Familiarizing yourself with common obstacles will make you better equipped to avoid them.

Consider this situation, and answer the questions that follow.

One of your engine lathes has broken down, and you’ve contacted a local repair shop. When you go to the shop, the repairman doesn’t speak English, and one of the front office employees is trying to translate. “He says he can’t fix it,” the translator says to you.

“What seems to be wrong with it?” you ask, and the office employee translates this question to the repairman. The repairman points at several mechanisms on the lathe and gives what appears to be a lengthy explanation of the problem. You turn to the office employee, who shrugs. “He says it’s broken,” she says.

What communication barrier is described in this situation?

A. Differing frames of reference

B. Bypassing

C. Lack of language skills

How might you overcome this communication barrier in the future?

A. Ask simple, specific questions.

B. Speak loudly.

C. Ask for an explanatory slide presentation.

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